Sin Fronteras, the project for girls and young women of the Latin American Women’s Right Service (LAWRS) is launching its latest video: We are Sin Fronteras standing for the rights of ALL women and girls.

 The video was collectively created by the young women members of the group within the framework of the feminist activism workshop “We are, we create”. This workshop had a duration of eight weeks, was virtually held and facilitated by illustrator Ximena Ruiz Del Río as a space for learning and dialogue to enable the young ones to express their opinions, experiences and reflect on their intersected identities as young, women, Latin American migrants living in the UK.

 With this video, the young women want to share their message of equality and promote social change. For this purpose, the video gathers their feminist manifesto, celebrates our Latin American roots, highlights our sorority and resilience, and invites you to join the activism for the upholding of the rights of all women and girls.

 You can watch the video here:

Our feminist message

We are Sin Fronteras, a group of young Latin American migrant women in London, and we join the feminist call to fight for a fairer society.·

We believe in equality between women and men. In having the same rights and the same opportunities to achieve our goals.

· We seek to break gender stereotypes because we believe that there should be no rules that define us and prevent us from being ourselves.

· We want to feel free and be able to walk on the streets without fear.

· We stand for diversity. we are migrants and we believe that our differences do not divide us but strengthen us and are a cause for celebration.

· We dream of more recognition for migrant women and girls, including Latin American women and girls like us, and more representation, so our voices can be heard.

· We are activists. We are creative and we use art to help to change the world. We believe that activism takes shapes in many forms, and that small acts that promote equality in our daily lives are a way to contribute to social change.

· We are part of a generation that will not remain silent, a generation that has the determination and courage to fight for change.
What about you? Join the movement and let’s stand together in defending the rights of ALL women and girls.

Sin Fronteras’ members

Migration stories

In addition to the video, and also as a result of the collective work in the feminist activism workshop, some of the participants’ migration stories were illustrated. The collection of stories can be viewed here. This collection reflects the courage of those who dared to put words to their migratory experience. The stories show that each individual story is at the same time so different and so similar to those of the others, that migrating is a learning process that we live alone and with our families, and that it is a source of learning and wisdom that gains strength. by putting them together, because together we are stronger!

Join our group

If you are a young Latin American woman, between the ages of 14 and 24 years, you live in the United Kingdom and you want to participate in our Sin Fronteras group, register in our form, contact us by WhatsApp at 07802 645001 or on our Instagram account.