Migrants Contribute was a campaign made of 16 coalitions and organisations, representing over 60 migrant and refugee groups across the country. Migrants Contribute sought to foster a fairer debate about migration in the period prior to the 2015 General Elections by conveying a more truthful portrayal of migrants and combating the escalating demonisation of migrant and refugee communities in media and political speeches.

LAWRS hosted and supported Migrants Contribute, which achieved a strong presence in social media, press, and community events.

The campaign activities included:

  • Challenging political leaders and parties who deliberately play on people’s fears and anxieties about recession and austerity to blame these problems on ‘foreigners’.
  • Getting media to present the real lives of migrants and the real contribution we make.
  • Building a network of organisations making up/supporting Migrants Contribute led by a Steering Group.
  • Skilling up Change-makers so that they can challenge negative narratives themselves.
  • Mobilising migrant communities in order to increase civic participation and encourage active involvement in the immigration debate.
  • Raising awareness among general public about the many ways in which migrants contribute to the UK and about the importance of keeping the debate fair.

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