Sin Fronteras

Come and join other Latin American girls and young women!

Sin Fronteras (No Limits) is a project to support Latin American girls and young women aged between 14 and 21 years old living in London.

At Sin Fronteras we develop friendship, creativity, self-esteem and value, and celebrate our diversity. It is a safe space in which young Latin American women are empowered to express themselves, develop their potential, improve their critical thinking and engage in social change. This is a user-led project, which values young women’s perspectives and includes their ideas, feedback, and input into the project.

All project activities are chosen, designed, and led by the young participants.


Due to the current world health crisis and its need for flexibility, Sin Fronteras has adapted its current sessions to be taken place online weekly on Fridays from 5 to 7 pm on Zoom.

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LAWRS Sin Fronteras Workshops and Sessions

Sin Fronteras conducts workshops / sessions (on Fridays) that include:

  • Arts (painting, photography, music, dance, theatre, film-making)
  • Well-being, self-esteem, mental health and sports activities
  • Information and exercise of the rights of young Latin American migrant women, through campaigns and activism and social media
  • Personal development (with sessions such as: How to apply to university/educational courses/ English-ESOL, How to look for a job, How to write/update your CV).
  • Collaborative programmes with Universities in the UK
  • Visits around London, to museums, theatres, galleries and other leisure and youth meeting spaces
  • International youth conferences (the last one in Dublin, Ireland)

All our activities, sessions and materials are completely free of any charge


The only requirement is that you are a Latin American young woman between 14 and 21 years old living in London, UK.

Please note: this also includes first and second-generation of young women with Latin American ethnicity and European/UK nationality.

How to register

To register you can contact the Sin Fronteras Coordinator, Melissa Munz: