Sin Fronteras

Come and join other Latin American girls and young women!

Sin Fronteras (No Limits) is a project to support Latin American girls and young women aged between 14 and 24 years old living in London

  • At Sin Fronteras we weave trust and mutual support into our work, valuing our diversity and raising our aspirations.
  • We are a safe space in which young Latin American women are empowered to express themselves, develop their potential, improve their critical thinking and engage in social change.
  • Through conversation, dance, music, and the creative arts, we strengthen our self-esteem, acquire skills and develop our potential. We take action to ensure our rights are recognised, and fight for the empowerment of girls and young women with No Limits.
  • We also support girls and young women to access counselling, education, political participation, welfare and other services.
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LAWRS Sin Fronteras Workshops and Sessions

Sin Fronteras conducts workshops / sessions that include:

  • Arts (painting, photography, music, dance, theatre, film-making)
  • Well-being, self-esteem, mental health and sports activities
  • Information and exercise of the rights of young Latin American migrant women, through campaigns and activism and social media
  • Personal development (with sessions such as: How to apply to university/educational courses/ English-ESOL, How to look for a job, How to write/update your CV).
  • Collaborative programmes with Universities in the UK
  • Visits around London, to museums, theatres, galleries and other leisure and youth meeting spaces
  • International youth conferences (the last one in Dublin, Ireland)

All our activities, sessions and materials are completely free of any charge


The only requirement is that you are a Latin American young woman between 14 and 24 years old living in London, UK.

Please note: this also includes first and second-generation of young women with Latin American ethnicity and European/UK nationality.

Join our group

If you are a young Latin American woman, between the ages of 14 and 24 years, you live in the United Kingdom and you want to participate in our Sin Fronteras group, register in our form, contact us by WhatsApp at 07802 645001 or on our Instagram account.

Our memories


With this video, which was collectively created by the young women members of the group in collaboration with the illustrator Ximena Ruiz Del Río, they want to share their message of equality and promote social change. For this purpose, the video gathers their feminist manifesto, celebrates our Latin American roots, highlights our sorority and resilience, and invites you to join the activism for the upholding of the rights of all women and girls.

Watch the video here

Sin Fronteras’ participants created written accounts of their personal journeys when coming to live in the UK. Each story, created in collaboration with the illustrator Ximena Ruiz Del Río, provides an inspiring account of the experiences, struggles and learnings they have faced. The collection of illustrated stories reflects the courage of those who dared to put words to their own experiences. The pieces help build a strong shared perspective on these experiences, highlighting similarities, shared feelings and connections between their journeys.

Collection available at:



In our Sin Fronteras group, we know that well-being is important for our mental health, and physical and emotional growth.

Our Guide to personal well-being for young women, named: “This is who we are. Taking care of ourselves”, is an effort to reach out to those girls and young women who need to hear this message of encouragement.

This Guide was prepared with love for all of them and to remind them that: you are not alone!

Guide available here

This video was created by the young participants of Sin Fronteras, in collaboration with Fotosynthesis, to amplify their voices and to share their message of social justice, gender equality, anti-racism and recognition of the Latin American community in the United Kingdom.

The video is a celebration of our diversity, identities and cultures; a wake-up call for decision-makers to act; and an invitation to other youth groups, feminists, and minority communities, to join forces and support us in our role as agents of change in the British society.

Video available here


A thousand steps is a short documentary by the young women participants of Sin Fronteras, living in London, reflecting on their dreams and experiences of migration.

Watch the video here.


Society might want to make women decorative objects, but we want to be the main characters. In this video we deconstruct the typical stereotypes of women and reconstruct them with our own stories and demands as young Latin American women in the UK. ​

If you would like to feel comfortable being yourself, free from the so-called ‘perfect’ stereotypes, then join us in our Sin Fronteras group and make the change.

Watch the video here