Sin Fronteras, LAWRS’ project for girls and young women, is launching its latest collection: Herstory.

This collection results from their work within the framework of the feminist activism workshop “We are, we create”. This workshop lasted eight weeks and was virtually held and facilitated by illustrator Ximena Ruiz Del Río.

As part of the workshop Sin Fronteras’ participants created written accounts of their personal journeys when coming to live in the UK. Each story provides an inspiring account of the experiences, struggles and learnings they have faced. The collection of illustrated stories reflects the courage of those who dared to put words to their own experiences. The pieces help build a strong shared perspective on these experiences, highlighting similarities, shared feelings and connections between their journeys.

Click on each story to read it. 






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If you are a young Latin American woman between the ages of 14 and 24, you live in the United Kingdom, and you want to participate in our Sin Fronteras group, register in our form, contact us by WhatsApp at 07802 645001, or through our Instagram account.